"Music is the driving force of creation. It is the beggining of every civilization and the end of every journey"


Yoga/Meditation Live Music

Live Music Production for Yoga Classes

Created specifically for your needs

UpBeat, Meditative, Dynamic, you name it...

Mixes for Sale (follow link)

Epifania (World Music)

Genre-Diverse conscious musical project

Mostly in Spanish - Original Music and Lyrics

3 albums plus singles

Ceremonies / Healing

Cacao Ceremonies

Sound Healing/Tibetan Bowl Sessions

10 years in Mexican/Herbal Traditional Medicine

Arts and Healing

Michelle Mayoora:

Reiki Master, Spiritual Dancer, Creator of Danzawa and Mahadevi Mandala. RYT Yoga teacher, Tantric Healing.

Carlos Mundalah:

Music Producer, SoundHealer, Aztec Dancer, Cacao Craft, Co-Creator of Mahadevi Mandala. Traditional Medicine

We create Art and Healing Experiences

  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Mahadevi Mandala workshops
  • Danzawa Sessions
  • Handtailored rituals
  • Performances
  • Reiki Initiations
  • Traditional Medicine meets Art

New Single "Annicha". Inspired in Vippassana Meditation. Subtitles in English


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