World Experimental Music

Bridging different styles, sounds, genres and instruments.

Message driven (mainly in Spanish)

Self-knowledge, consciousness, responsablity, love for nature, for our native ancestral traditions, and for ourselves. 


 Every song is a whole different journey to the inside and outside. 

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Annicha (official video)

Subtitles in english and spanish. Written after Vipassana, comunicating one of the basic concepts of Buddhism, "impermanence".

Espejito (official video)

A tribute to the sacred duality outside and within.

Tan Facil (official video)

Dedicated to our inner child. Remembering that life is "So easy, so simple.." when we live like a child.



Epifania - Memorias Sin Hogar (2009)

First Album, 20 songs. Very Experimental. Only available here. More than 40 instruments and first compositions ever.


Rap de Luz - El Lado Oscuro del Mar (2018)

Third album of Rap de Luz, Rap-Fusion project. 12 tracks. Composed/produced several tracks, vocals, guitars, charango, flutes, keys and perc. Now available on all online music stores and stream services.


Rap de Luz - La Gente Incomoda (2013)

Second album of Rap de Luz that had a great impact in Mexican urban and ceremonial culture. 20 tracks. Vocals, guitars, charangos, piano, flutes, perc. Available on all music platforms

OTHER COLLABORATIONS (click to listen)

Santo Color - Andan Diciendo (2013)


With "Santo Color", latin american fusion band from Mexico. Charangos and vocals (2nd rap)

Choko (Several Collabs)


Rapper, hiphop producer and social artist, Choko is the lead vocal of Rap de Luz. With him I've done many many different collaborations in his and my projects.

Bruno Mansur - Hijos del Maiz (2016)


Medicine music couple Bruno & Cristina, we decided to do a collab in Oaxaca. Rap vocals. Part of "Mi camino" album

Pies Ligeros FILM Music


OST for the film "Pies ligeros" by Juan Nunch about the Raramuri (tarahumara) runners in Chihuahua, Mex. Traditional and ethnic instruments were used combined with modern sounds and techniques.

Mundalah & Diguital Trip - AlmAlegre


ElectroRoots Cumbia track with Diguital Trip, producer from Guadalajara. Currently working on several tracks together.

Diguital Trip - Icaros del Amazonas


ElectroRoots track with Diguital Trip. Charangos and Flutes. Released in "Numa - Fuego Sagrado" compilation.